March 2006


»Hommage T1«

Auditorium 23 has launched an own small product line entitled »Hommage«. The first representative was the loudspeaker »SoloVox« and some more will follow. The decision for this new line did not result from a certain affinity to nostalgia. It rather comes from our appreciation for the sonical abilities of some components whose emotional quality we highly appreciate. It seems that modern components provide us with more of everything - even up to the ends of frequencies - but less of the essentials. The »SoloVox« now joins with a transformer which is in perfect harmony with the components in the line of Auditorium 23.


Since many years A23 favours the use of MC-cartridges like SPU A and Shindo. These cartridges require stepup-transformation by active prepre-amplifiers or transformers.

Experiences over many years have indicated that very specialized transformers (impedance, voltage, acceleration) can be ideal partners. But we also have to be aware that just this specific tuning between transformer and system will assure the desired result and may mean a limitation for use in other combinations. How the »Hommage T1« deals with other impedances and values must simply be tried

Our challenge was to give more importance, more impact to the recorded music and according to first reviews in the French magazine "Diapason" (March 2006, author Jean Marie Piel) and the German magazine Image-Hifi (Mai 2006, author Roland Kraft) we have succeeded.

Statement of Jean Marie Piel:
"It was simply the rediscovery of our vinyl collection."

Citation Roland Kraft: "Festival for the senses, a turbojet for the cartridge! Little sound-steps? Nonsense! The improvement is somewhere between brutal and overwhelming."

As for us, we love to read this.

In December 2006 »Hommage T1« was honoured with the award "DIAPASON D'OR", annually given by the French magazine "DIAPASON" to the best products of the year.

"This transformer definately marks a milestone in the history of very high fidelity and joins - even though it has only just been launched - the ranks of the great lengendary products".
Jean Marie Piel in DIAPASON, March 2006