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Welcome and Introduction
Interior View
Vintage Systems of friends with Klangfilm and
Voice of the Theatre

Flashback – A23 Log
A23 »Hommage« Speaker Line
»Hommage 755« 
Fullrange speaker with
»Hommage Cinema«
System with A23 horn,
LM555 driver, LM597 tweeter, double woofer cabinet
»Hommage à Ken«  Fullrange speaker  with LM755
»Hommage 22A«
System with LM22A
LM577 tweeter, LM555
driver, double woofer cabinet
A23 Audio Accessories
Picture Step-up transformer for Denon 103 by Auditorium 23Step-up transformers
for Denon DL 103 and Ortofon cartridges
Picture Transformer »Hommage T1« by Auditorium 23»Hommage T1«
Step-up transformer for Ortofon cartridges by Auditorium 23
Speaker Cable

Interconnect Cable
This and That
Picture Platine Verdier by Auditorium 23La Platine Verdier
French turntable legend and a piece of art, since 1979 in the market

Remakes of Western Electric horns, drivers and units by

Product details
The legendary MagAmp  Relaunched by Acoustic Plan and A23Find your treasures of  Classical Music on vinyl, rare operas, signed albums, and... and...
DealersVignette La Nouvelle Platine von Auditorium 23For switching to hour German site click here, please.
A23 Speaker Line with PHY units  (This line is no longer available)
Abb. SpeakerProvence by Auditorium 23»Provence«
Open baffle speaker concept in provencalian country style
Loudspeaker »SoloVox« by Auditorium 23»SoloVox«
First speaker concept of our »Hommage« line
Review at 6moons
Picture Loudspeaker »Appassionata« by Auditorium 23»Appassionata«
Open baffle speaker concept of piano wood
Special formed speaker enclosure designed according to musical instrument bodies
Le PHY-HP stimule les constructeurs
Ecoute Critique about »Rondo« in DIAPASON
Jules Coleman about SoloVox. See website toneimports.
Chaine Exceptionelle. About a system of Auditorium 23 in DIAPASON
Press notes about A23 on different Frankfurt HighEnd Shows
Credits by Don Better, Ohio
Jean Marie Piel about »Hommage T1« in DIAPASON, March 2006
“The Best Transformer Ever?“

Online reviews in Stereophile
Art Dudley in Stereophile, February 2009, “Listening #74“, about cartridges and matching transformers
Art Dudley about the EMT tonearm “Listening #67“

Online Reviews at 6moons
About A23 speaker cable
About A23 MC-transformer
Profile of A 23 at 6moons
Review about A23 speaker »SoloVox«
Michael Lavorgna's Road Tour Exit 17

Online Review at Dagogo

About A23 speaker cable by Jack Roberts

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