Through our several years of intensive and enthusiastic work with the 21 cm speaker unit by PHY-HP, the public has come to think of Auditorium 23 as being mainly specialized in fullrange working speaker concepts. But this reflects only a small part of our activities. In the early 1980ies, we were already working intensively with cinema systems and big horn speakers, at a time when appreciation of these concepts was generally at an all time low.

Our interest in and fascination with these "collectibles" resulted in our becoming the European representative of Shindo Laboratory's low output tube amplifiers which required rather different speaker concepts than the solid state amps that were all the rage. In fact there were no valuable modern speakers capable of translating Shindo's fascinating subtlety and their very particular way of imbueing tones with breath and life - and soul. These "vintage" systems taught us a lot. In consequence they opened our minds for simplicity in the best sense of the word. We didn't shy away from pains and effort in order to get there, and no project was ruled out as too "farfetched" to be put in action: we simply had to see for ourselves, had to know what we were talking about. Otherwise speaker concepts like Appassionata, Rondo and SoloVox wouldn't have come into being.

The walk against the mainstream isn't always easy, and we began to appreciate the admirable energy of those little manufacturers who had followed their calling and hadn't denied their conviction in times when the transistor triumphantly advanced over the tube. The new consciousness of audiophiles for "retro" concepts now is their - and our - joy and confirmation.

We cordially invite you to have a look at our photoalbum which shows some of A23s stepping stones of the last two decades. It comes under the header of "Evolution in Reverse - From 15 Cells to One." Enjoy.

We ask you to kindly ignore the minor quality of some of the photos, though. At the time they were taken, the pictures were intended for documentation purposes only; none of us would have thought they'd become a matter for the public eye. And no, the internet wasn't invented yet...