»Hommage 755«

From the mid-1940s Western Electric began – in consequence of better magnetic basic material – to develop drivers with alnico magnets. During that period the series 7 with its models 728, 754, 713 and as the smallest full-range driver the WE 755 as a 20 cm unit, were developed. In the last couple of years these drivers are rarely to find worldwide as originals. Even later types from Altec with ferrite magnets are rare.
With a driver very similar to the historic original, the Chinese manufacturer Line Magnetic Audio gave us the possibility to design a full-range speaker solution. The timeless aesthetics  of the WE 753 speakers use of form led us to adopt it for our own new product line of loudspeakers.

The pictured cabinet is manufactured from massive walnut tree. Other versions are possible on request. 
The cabinets are adapted to the parameters for the permanent magnetic driver LM 755/Alnico. With a heights of just 90 cm the 755 is the "piccolo" in our speaker product line. With his lean and elegant design it perfectly fits into the home environment, while delivering tonal results which one will only find with the best full-range drivers.
Our Hommage-speaker line includes
»Cinema«             »22A«        »Ken«        »755«