Line Magnetic Audio – Art for the Heart

In contemporary Hi-fidelity, people would like us to believe that technical achievements in the field of music playback provide a tonal quantum leap.

Readers who share this idea better opt out here and navigate to the recent test reports of the common hi-fi magazines. We don't want to convert anyone but address ourselves to those whose search remains unsatisfied, who might recall an unforgettable moment, a particular song in a particular demonstration. A moment which does not remind you of a notably spectacular tone, but of a notably intensive emotion that never again could be reproduced and you actually wonder why. Some constantly change components, tweak here, fumble there but find no rest. Others are listening to tones, but don't get into the music.

As already mentioned  in the previous page, our pivotal and unforgettable moment was the voice of “Barbara“ at a demonstration of L'Audiophile, sometime in the 1980s, in a location near Place Pigalle in Paris, played on a system with speakers from the beginning of cinema technology; WE 15A and WE 555 drivers. It was hard to believe that this amazing quality could be achieved with such vintage equipment.

The product line of Line-Magnetic follows this idea – to revive what was lost. Consequently Line-Magnetic is devoted to one of the best systems the engineers of the early days of "sound on film" have developed, Western Electric in the USA. On European side there were names like Klangfilm, Westrex, Cinemeccanica, Vitavox, AGA.

The results are impressive.

Line Magnetic
 555 W

In all reconstructs, special emphasis was placed on using the same materials as the originals to preserve both the visual and sonical qualities.

Technical details of the Line Magnetic 555 W:

Frequency response: 100 Hz-6 KHz
Voice coil resistance: 12.8 Ω
Voice coil impedance: 24 Ω
Power handling: ca. 6 W
Diaphragm weight: 1g
Excitation: 7V DC, max 1,5 A
Field coil resistance: 4.5 Ω
Weight: ca. 7.5 kg

To allow the use of the LM 555 also with smaller horns of Altec, WE or KS, we provide the necessary adapters .

 597 - Tweeter

Technical details of the Line Magnetic 597 A:

requency response: 2 KHz-18 KHz
Voice coil resistance: 20 Ω
Voice coil impedance: 24 Ω
Power consumption: ca. 6 W
Excitation: 7V DC, max 1.06 A
Field coil resistance: 6.6 Ω
Weight: ca. 3.5 kg

The diaphragms have the same size like those of the WE 597 and are interchangeable. The magnetic circuit with its excitation coil follows the original in all details.

Line Magnetic 22A horn

Technical details of the Line Magnetic 22 A horn:

Total height of the horn: 2.25m
Mouth size: 71 x 71 cm
Depth: ca. 70 cm
(The measurements refer to the horn, without the included stand)

The original WE horns were produced around mid of the 1930s and played in combination with WE 4151 woofer, WE 555 driver, WE 7331 cabinet and crossover WE 7332 in cinemas behind the screen.

The horns are supplied with adjustable stands...

...adapter for the LM 555 with
identical thread...

...and additional adapters for
Vitavox S2, WE 594, 

JBL 375,
Altec 288/287,
TAD 4001 and LM 1428

Line Magnetic WE 755ex

Technical details of the LM WE 755ex:

Max. Power Input: 10W
Diameter x depth: 214 x 97 cm
Efficiency: 92 dB
Frequency response: 70 Hz - 13 KHz
Resonance frequency: 68 Hz
Field excitation: DC 10 - 12V/700 mA
Weight: 4.3 kg

Because of the EU-Guideline RoHs at this time it is not possible to import all divices of LineMagnetic Audio to Europe and we have to restrict ourselves to the part of the line which is in compliance to the statutory requirements.